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Our Projects

We use projects to accomplish our mission and goals. We work with various grassroots organisations and institutions to support women affected by societal injustice and living in poverty to overcome the effects of societal injustice and break from poverty through startup initiatives and entrepreneurial training so they can become self-sustainable.  

Fedha project

Helping women Entrepreneurs and Business owners gain financial literacy skills and access to finance 

Salama project

We are building our first safe house to offer training and temporary shelter for women experiencing societal injustice.

Women's reproductive health

Raise awareness and Provide Education on health and wellness and alternative health options that pertain to women's womb health

#ONEVOICE Campaign

We coined the #ONEVOICE Campaign to unite women globally, sharing their stories and stance against societal abuse and injustices.   Click   to Join us today.


Currently conducting research on financial literacy and modern day slavery.

Anthropology of Stories

A collection of women’s stories from around the globe.

Women X Tech

Facilitate training and support to women and communities to increase opportunities and break poverty.

Collaborate & Partner with us

We welcome new partnerships and seek organisations to collaborate with to fulfil our mission. 

Donate to our projects

Your donation will help women in life-threatening circumstances and eradicate poverty so they can become self-sustainable

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We are looking for talented and creative individuals to join our growing team. Contact us today to find out more

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Invite us to speak about women’s advocacy and empowerment topics.