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Collaborate and partner with organizations to reduce the effects of societal injustices against women and help them improve their economic status

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We Are Making A Difference

We are working to end societal injustices against women and children. Our purpose is to support women and communities to achieve economic stability. 

We support women  to overcome the effects of societal injustice, equip them through training to overcome personal and economic challenges and give them an international platform to have their voice heard.

Our Mission & Vision

Support women to achieve economic stability, leadership, and visibility and raise awareness of societal injustice against women and children. 


Facilitate training and support to women to leverage technology to build their lives


support women and communities to improve their economic status and reduce poverty through training and sponsorships


Raise awareness, provide Education and provide options to support women's health


Our advocacy work centres around women’s rights and Economic empowerment


We value, conduct and use research to provide strategies we implement in our projects.


Provide financial literacy, leadership and business education to help women better their lives

let's Stand Together

Become A Volunteer

Join team HSM as a volunteer and help women and children break from poverty and life-threatening environments. If interested, please complete our volunteer application form and return it to us, and we will get in touch for a chat. 

Join our campaign

We coined the #ONEVOICE Campaign to unite women globally, sharing their stories and stance against societal abuse and injustices. 

We stand as ONE, sharing stories, giving hope, and reminding women of their power,  value and forces of change. Share your picture and tag us on social media; send us a video of you taking a stance against women's abuse to be featured on our platform.  

Our Projects

Fedha Project

A project focusing on financial literacy training for women

Reproductive health Project

Working with global partners to promote women's reproductive health and reusable sanitary towels

Salama Project

WE are building a safe house where women experiencing society indifference can have temporary shelter as they get back on their feet and receive training

Every donation counts, and we’re grateful for whatever you feel you can afford. A one-off donation is a fantastic start, but issues that women and girls face, like violence and poverty, are long-term problems, and they need long-term solutions. Regular donations mean we can commit to working with women and girls for as long as it takes.  

If you want to defeat social inequality and chronic poverty and recognise that women's access to economic opportunities and children's rights to education is a basic need

Join the movement

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